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Are Walk-through Metal Detectors Outdated ?

Are Walk-through Metal Detectors Outdated ? We are currently experiencing an unprecedented period where new technologies are being developed daily. With these technologies making their way into the sector of security measures, new solution like AI weapon Detection systems are getting democratized. One question then arises: Are walk-through metal detectors still relevant? As we stride […]

Automated Parking Access Control Systems For Efficiency


Introduction Parking access control systems are a model of efficiency and convenience. As businesses and organizations look for advanced solutions to manage their parking lots, the automated approach provided by these systems appears to be a game changer.  General explanation of parking access control system A parking access control system is a complete solution designed […]

What is Physical Access Control?

If there is an area of your building where sensitive devices and data are stored, you may need to consider installing physical access controls to protect your business’s critical information. The security offered by physical access controls could be a solution considered. In the following lines, we will look at what physical access control is, […]

Guard Tour Monitoring Systems

Guard Tour control systems play a central role in security and patrolling. Over time, these systems have evolved to include various technologies such as Touch, RFID and now, NFC, QR Codes and GPS, to ensure accurate tour reporting. This blog will explore the definition and evolution of Guard tour control systems, as well as the […]

The Power of Dual-View X-Ray Baggage Scanners

  Recent events worldwide have reminded us of the crucial role security plays in our lives and how Governments, organizations, and individuals must be well-prepared to prevent any threats. One technology that’s making a big difference is the Dual-View X-ray baggage scanner. In this article, we will define what a Dual-View X-ray scanner is, what […]

What are Turnstiles Entrance Gates Used For?

Turnstiles play a pivotal role in ensuring security and access control in diverse settings. In public transportation turnstile many challenges in order to keep harmony and safety for numerous users. In this article, we delve into the world of turnstiles, exploring their types, applications, and the benefits they offer to public transportation. We’ll also spotlight […]

Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS)

In the realm of modern security solutions, Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS) play a pivotal role, in ensuring comprehensive safety and control. When seamlessly integrated with Automatic License Plate Recognition Cameras (ALPR), UVSS technology takes security to new heights, addressing a myriad of challenges across various sectors. Discover how Polimek Electronics’ PL-UVIS222 Under Vehicle Inspection […]

Enhancing Security and Traffic Control with Bollards

In today’s rapidly evolving world, ensuring the safety of your premises and controlling traffic has become paramount. Bollards play a crucial role in achieving these goals. In this article, we will delve into the world of bollards, exploring their types, crash test certifications, and the problems they solve. We’ll also introduce Polimek’s HBD Heavy Duty […]

Access Control System with Full Height Turnstile

Full height turnstile

In the realm of access control and security solutions, full-height turnstiles stand tall, offering a robust and efficient way to manage pedestrian traffic. Among the various types of turnstiles available, the full-height turnstile stands out as an exemplary solution. In this article, we will delve into the world of full-height turnstiles, discussing what sets them […]

Access Control in the Digital Workplace

In this final installment of our series on access control in the modern digital workplace, we delve into the challenges and strategies organizations face when navigating the delicate equilibrium between robust security measures and a seamless user experience. Discover how Polimek Electronics solutions are instrumental in achieving this balance, with a focus on Hybrid authentication, […]

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