Migrating from a Card Access Control System to Biometric System

As the world becomes more advanced, traditional card access control systems are being replaced by touchless biometric systems. While both systems are designed to keep buildings secure, touchless biometric systems provide an extra level of security and convenience.   If you are considering migrating from a card access control system to a touchless biometric system, […]

How to Choose a Turnstile Access Control System?

How to Choose a Turnstile Access Control System? In today’s world, security is of utmost importance. Many organizations, businesses, and public places need to keep track of who enters and exits their premises to ensure the safety of their property, employees, and customers. That’s where access control systems come into play. Access control systems, such […]

Access Control Turnstiles Gates Advantages

There are several security precautions you can take to increase the security of your company.   We mention turnstile entry system in this blog.   All types of business can control the security of their entrances with turnstiles access control system.   Turnstile systems, which have the widest usage areas in access control systems, are […]

What are the benefits of facial recognition technology ?

Face recognition systems is a biometric solutions used quite frequently in personnel time attendance systems Face recognition machine works by digitizing the feature points obtained from the face image with special equipment, converting these numbers into a code called binary, and processing them for control purposes in the computer environment. Face detection systems are used […]

Card and Fingerprint System on the Doors of CMS Jant

CMS Jant, founded in Izmir in 1980, is the biggest rim manufacturer in Turkey while it is the third one in Europe.   Mainly with the use of smart manufacturing systems in 3 production facilities, brands like BMW, Daimler, Fiat rim production are performed.   Across the factory in approximately 100 different units robotic production […]

New Generation Contactless Mobile Time Attandance System Application

As the Polimek team, which has been producing software in the field of  time attendance control system since 1995 and making the lives of both business owners, HR specialists and employees easier with the applications it has created; We have added a new one to our time attendance system applications. Considering today’s conditions, we launched […]

Message From Our Export Department for 2022

We have started another new year. Although 2021 will be a difficult year globally, we have had a successful year for our company. We would like to thank each and every one of you, customers, suppliers, and friends for your valuable support in the growth of our company over the past year. We increased the […]

Is It Necessary to Use Turnstile Access Control Systems ?

Although there are many valid reasons for the use of turnstile systems by company owners and employers, the first and most valid reason is security. With turnstile systems, you can control the entrances to your company and prevent unwanted people from entering the company. In addition, turnstiles are of great importance in the control of […]