What is the Guard Tour Patrol Systems?

What is the Guard Tour Patrol Systems? Where You Can Use It? Guard tour control systems are used to track and monitor the movements of security guards or other personnel as they perform their duties. These systems typically involve the use of a handheld device that the guard carries with them as they patrol an […]

What’s Dynamic Face Recognition Systems?

What’s Face Recognition? What Are The Differences Between Standart Face Recognition And Dynamic Face Recognition   A face recognition system uses algorithms to automatically find and identify human faces in pictures and videos. The system uses this information to match the face with a knowidentity by identifying the distinctive features of a face, such as the […]

What is Time Attendance Control Systems

What is TAS ? Time Attendance Systems ? Time Management Systems Time attendance systems are electronic tools used by companies to track the attendance and working hours of their employees. These systems use a variety of methods to record attendance, including physical time clocks, biometric systems that scan fingerprints or facial features, and mobile devices. […]

What is Biometrics Systems?

What is Biometics Systems? Biometric systems are technology-based systems that use a person’s unique physical or behavioral characteristics to identify them. These characteristics can include fingerprints, face recognition, iris recognition, voice, and even behavioral patterns like typing rhythm. Polimek biometric systems are used in a variety of applications, such as security systems, time and attendance […]

What are the different uses for X-ray Baggage Scanner?

What are the different uses for  X-ray Baggage Scanner? An x-ray baggage scanner is used to scan and inspect the contents of luggage, backpacks, and other bags for security purposes. It works by using x-ray technology to create an image of the items inside the bag, which can be examined by a security officer to […]

Reader used in Access Control and Time Attendance System

What is Access Control Systems ? Access control systems are systems used to control the entry and exit points of a building, an area or a region. Access control system is used to verify and monitor the identities of people who want to enter and exit a certain area. Access control systems can be of […]

What are the Walk Through Security Metal Detectors?

Walk through metal detectors, also known as walk through scanners, are an increasingly common sight in public places like airports, courthouses, and schools. These devices use electromagnetic fields to detect the presence of metal on an individual’s person, and are typically used to prevent weapons and other contraband from being brought into a secure area. […]

What are the feature of speedgate access control turnstile?

The best way to increase security at your building entrances maybe you are looking for a speed gate solution. These pedestrian access control systems are used in public stations, airports, private buildings ,and museums, and with stylish  design. It can be customized to the design of your building. The devices are designed to with stand […]

Advantages of Using Web Based Time Attendance Software

Usage Areas of  Web Based Time Management System With Web based time and attendance software, tracking your employees is much easier now! Wherever you are in the world, with cloud technology, you can control your personnel with any device connected to the Internet, through any browser, and access online entry-exit information. In Web based time […]

How to Install Access Control Turnstile ?

The installation of turnstile entrance systems should be done very carefully and attentively. Before the turnstile installation, the place where the turnstiles will be mounted is determined. It is necessary to measure and equalize both sides of the turnstile systems in order to be stylish and not spoil the aesthetics of the place where the […]

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