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AVI- Automatic Vehicle Identification Rfid System

Ensuring the security of parking lots; It is the latest technology RFID vehicle identification system used to minimize the entry-exit times of vehicles and to prevent congestion and also cost efficient.
RFID vehicle identification system; It consists of rfid readers, rfid antennas and rfid tags.
Rfid vehicle identification system is widely used in site, factory, hotel, etc. except parking lots; It is used in electronic toll collection systems, traffic monitoring with RFID, RFID parkingandvehicleAccess control applications, forklift control applications and service applications.
With automatic vehicle identification RFID system ;
* Significant cost saving
* Manual errors are completely eliminated
* It is a fully automatic system that does not need human
* Increase in fee collection in come is provided.
RFID readers can be mounted on barriers o rplaced inside security huts.

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