Exploring Types and Features of Turnstile Access Control Systems

In today’s world, security has become a major concern for businesses and institutions. One of the ways to ensure maximum security within your premises is by installing a turnstile access control system. A turnstile access control system is a type of security system designed to control access to a specific area.

Types of Turnstile Access Control Systems:

1. Tripod Turnstiles:

Tripod turnstiles feature three rotating arms in a triangular formation, allowing for controlled access. They are commonly used in areas with moderate security requirements, such as office buildings and gyms.

2. Optical Turnstiles:

Optical turnstiles use infrared sensors and optical barriers to control access. These turnstiles offer a sleek and modern design, making them suitable for high-end buildings, corporate offices, and museums.

3. Full-Height Turnstiles Turnstiles:

Rotor turnstiles consist of multiple rotating arms that fully enclose the individual, providing a high level of security. They are commonly used in prisons, military installations, and critical infrastructure facilities.

4. Barrier turnstiles:

Barrier turnstiles feature retractable barriers that open and close to allow access. They provide a robust physical barrier and are often used in airports, train stations, and stadiums to ensure strict access control.

Features of Turnstile Access Control Systems:

Biometric readers: Individuals can be identified through biometrics, deterring unauthorized access attempts.

RFID readers: Proximity sensors detect and respond to authorized individuals’ cards.

Integration with Access Control Software:

Integrated access control software enables centralized management, real-time monitoring, and flexible configurations.

Alarm system:

Audible notifications can be triggered if unauthorized access is attempted.

Anti-tailgating feature:

Prevents unauthorized entry through detection and prevention of multiple people using a single credential.

Remote control capabilities: Allows the system to be monitored and controlled from any location.


Turnstile access control systems provide a robust solution for regulating access  security in various environments. The features offered, including biometric authentication, integration with access control software. Support for RFID cards, contribute to a comprehensive and efficient access control system.



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