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Guard Checkpoint System

Night guards; are the people who are in the position of assistants of the gendarmes and the police, who are in charge of ensuring the security of certain areas such as park, garden, street, street. Police officers determine these duty areas, which are important in terms of safety and security.
Generally, nighttime guards can work during the day, if necessary, in terms of security and public order, with the decision and approval of their superior. The guards are obliged to wander in the area determined by their superiors during the office hour. The guards who are not present in the region are considered as not fulfilling their duties.
Considering today’s technology, these controls, which were made in the form of one-to-one visits, can now be done electronically in a computer environment.
If we talk about the systems used in the watchdog controls, it is a system that is used to determine whether the watchdogs go to the areas they need to check, or at what time and where to go, and where necessary, all the data can be accessed and desired reports can be obtained.
These systems consists of a guard tour controller, a security checkpoint placed in the areas to be controlled, a security key fob that security guards will introduce themselves to the controller before starting the tour, and software to control all of these.
With this software, you can see the points that are not visited in the specified areas with a report, and you can also report which personnel checked which point at what time.
Guard tour control systems are mostly used outdoors. For this reason, they have a structure resistant to impacts and adverse weather conditions.
Guard tour systems, which are frequently used where security guards are located.If desired, vehicle tracking can also be controlled with these systems.
As Polimek Elektronik, we have developed the Smart Pen Guard Tour Control Systems in 1995.
We have 3 types of guard tour control system that are being sold. Touch memory and proximity technology are used in these systems we produce.
Guard tour control system set; consists of guard tour controller, software, guard keys and security points.
In guard tour control systems, the data can be transferred to the computer at any time with usb cable, It is preferred in all private or public institutions for ease of use and convenience.

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