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PL 35 Parmak izi Geçiş Sistemi

PL 35 Stand-alone Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Readers


PL 35 is a stand-alone single door biometric reader for access control application. PL 35 Fingerprint reader has a new waterproof design with touch keypad, slim and elegant.

  • 2 inch Touch Key Fingerprint access control device with alluminum alloy case.
  • Applied capacitive fingerprint sensor which is good recognizing live finger and long lasting use.
  • Pl 35 stand-alone fingerprint reader support T9 input mehod, ID and IC card swiping together.
  • Standard TCP/IP , RS 485, USB.
  • Professional access cotrol, tamper alarm, door open alarm, wiegand nput and output, door magnetic detection, anti-passback, interlock, fire linkage and other professional access control functions.
  • IP 67 Waterproof Standard
  • Support self service report.You can export and import user information and shift setting in excel format. It also support export excel attendance report from device directly with USB .


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