SG 3302 Kapı Tipi Metal Üst Arama Dedektörü

Smartguard SG 3302 Waterproof Security Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detectors


IP 67 Waterproof Walk Through Metal Detector

High-Strength Materials, Water-proof, Fireproof.
Anti-Corrosion.Shockproof, Real-time Environment.
Interfere Monitor. Achieved a number of patents and
copyright certificates on the material,the appearance,
and the software copyright.

Completely modular, quick installation without tools.
● IP Grade: IP67 superior waterproof performance.
● Advanced remote control for mobile APP control through WiFi (optional).
● Start-stop technology: infrared devices with automatic start-stop technology.
● Multi meshy detection zone, no blind spot for any parts of the targets.
● Multi-alarm sounds to choose-to fit different applications.
● Automatically completed self-diagnose when power on.
● Bidirectional detection, auto record the pass, return and alarm numbers.
● 72 applications programs setting for different need as indeed.(18 customized programs )
● Detection speed: more than 60 people pass and detect in 1 minute.
● Equipped with two power sockets at the bottom of the panels for user-friendly.
● Support built-in standard UPS sustains around 4 hours (optional).
● Working Standby:16 high-brightness LED indicator on both sides of the panels.
● Adjustable operating frequencies to eliminate the potential effects from X-ray units and
other eletrical interference sources.

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