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Qr (DataMatrix) Reader Pdks and Pass System

Personnel tracking system with QR code is both fast and economical.

With the mobile PDKS application that the employees download to their phones; They can verify location and identity with technologies such as NFC and QR code. They can make their permission requests through the mobile PDKS application.

They can also view their overtime.

With QR code readers, these readers are connected to a TCP/IP control panel in pdks or transition applications.

Door, turnstile, etc., by means of the panel. can be opened, we can also restrict.

How to Use Personnel Entry-Exit System with QR Code?

Polimek offers you both software and hardware solutions for the personnel attendance control system.

In this way, you will be able to track personnel without having to deal with more than one company without incurring an extra cost.

With the mobile pdks program installed on phones with Android or IOS operating systems, you can easily verify the location and identity information of your personnel working in the field.

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Access Control with QR Code and RFID Reader


Qr (DataMatrix) Reader Pdks and Pass System

Facial recognition device; is a convenient biometric reader for time attendance and access control applications. Facial recognition is speed and safety.