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Security Market Is Expanding, Thermal Products Are Launched To The Market ..

The new type of Korona virus (Covid-19), did not go anywhere, it is still here; but we have to continue to work and produce both socially and economically.
Although some of us are still doing this from their homes; as of June 1, many of us returned to our workplaces.
In this new normalization process, we wanted to briefly talk about the measures we need to take both in our workplaces for the health of ourselves and those around us.
First of all, the seating arrangement in our workplaces should definitely be reviewed according to the social distance rule and a minimum distance of 2 meters should be left between 2 people.
If there is more than one person working in the same environment; Wearing a mask is the most effective measure that we can take, and an additional measure to the air conditioners to be operated when the weather starts to warm up is to leave the windows open, albeit a small amount, and to create air circulation inside.
In addition, when entering all closed spaces, it is now necessary to measure fire. This has led us to either contactless thermometers or to use slightly more technological contactless versions of these products.
Among these more technological versions; non-contact fever-measuring face recognition devices, as well as fever-measuring walk through metal detectors and fever-measuring columns.
If the person passing through the walk through metal detector has a fever, the r detector gives a very loud warning, thus preventing the person with high fever from entering the closed area.
You can contact us by phone or e-mail below to get detailed information about all product groups.
See you on healthy days ..

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