Entrance / Exit Control

Even if your daily working time is different from 7:30 hours, with the ability to set working hours there will be not confusion in your monthly total working hours calculation. You can follow the shifts of your employees by passing them through the approval mechanism; You can enter the reasons for overtime.


Polimek time & attendance management solution simplifies employee timesheet monitoring, calculation of work hours and collection of time & attendance data, you can easily connect with HR or ERP systems and easily see personalized time & attendance reports and calendar view at a glance.


You can get report for montly and annual reasons for overtime; you can get report in excel, pdf.world formats.

Easy to use

You can use easily our time attendance terminal and our software is very friendly to use.

Easy Installation

Our time&attendance management products can easily installed by our expert team or yours.

Expert Support

For time&attachement software we have online or in place technical support options.

High Security

Your personnel data is safe with our encryption technologies.


You can choose systems integrators according to your need.Our time and managemet system can connect with HR or ERP Systems.

High Performance

Easy work schedule management.
Flexible work management.

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What is TAS ( Time Attendance System ) ?

Time and attendance system is a computer based electronic system that ensures to record arrival and departure times of company workers and prepare monthly and annual reports regarding these records. The purpose for this activity is to generate reliable records by reducing workforce to the lowest level.

Time and attendance system helps your company, production line, personnel, workforce to work more effectively and to get maximum efficiency. Each company operates in different field of business and its needs and equipments to be used are different from each other.

We, as Polimek, are focusing on your needs and problems that you wish to find a solution on and provide you the most appropriate solution with most suitable equipment. We are producing solutions for your needs by integrating our various products in different categories tailored to your needs into continuously improving personnel attendance control software as a result of feedback received from our customers for many years.

Related Products about Time&Attendance Systems

Each company’s needs and equipment to be used for time&attendance will be different from each other. As Polimek, we focus on your needs and the problems you have and we offer the most suitable solution with the most suitable equipment. In time&attendance systems, you need first a terminal to collect data. This terminal can be a card reader, fingerprint reader or face recognition reader, depending on your demand.

All these terminals can also be connected to turnstiles. You need also a time& attendance software. You can choose one of our professional, standard or small time attendance software according to the needs of your company.

With the mobile version of our software, you can easily track your staff outside.

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How does Time&Attendance Systems?

It can differ according to the needs of the companies and the number of employees; card, fingerprint or face recognition readers can be used with time&attendance software. Turnstiles can be used in the personnel attendance systems. In the time attendance control system, it is possible to prepare the reports based on payroll . Required statistical breakdowns and lists (daily and monthly scorecards, movement lists, absenteeism, late arrivals, early departures, overtime workers, vacationers, etc.) can be obtained easily.