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Usages of Guard Patrol Control Systems

The guard tour control system, which is indispensable for factories, public
institutions and organizations, has undergone many changes from the past to the
present and renewed itself.
Guard tour control systems are being upgraded day by day to be more robust,
more useful and user-friendly in a way that all users can easily use, according
to the requests from the user, the feedback, and the products coming to the
service, both visually and in software.
While the Smart Pen, which was first introduced to the market in 1995, was
made of ABS plastic, now all guard systems produced by Polimek are coated with
stainless steel in order to absorb impacts.

The guard control system software has also been upgraded and it is available
in two versions, desktop and web-based.

With the web-based guard tracking system, you can easily control your
security guards even from your phone.

If you want to get detailed information about our guard control systems,
please contact us.

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