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Where are Vehicle Access Control Systems Used?

The increase in the number of vehicles going to traffic every day makes both traffic congestion and parking lot problems inevitable.

This has brought about an increase in the number of private or public car parks, workplaces and vehicle parking areas in large sites.

Uncontrolled entry of vehicles into parking lots both disturbs people and poses a threat to safety.

For this reason, the areas of use of vehicle access control systems have expanded and are becoming more preferred.

Barrier systems, which are one of the vehicle transition systems, are used for purposes such as controlling vehicle entry and exit in various areas, creating a control point at the park entrances of sites or workplaces and preventing foreign vehicle passage and parking.

In addition to the car parking areas; It is also used in many areas such as airports, shopping malls, public institutions and municipalities.
There are various types of arm barriers, bollards and road blockers.

Arm barriers are mostly suitable for residential areas and public areas and can work with all types of access control systems.

Bollards and road blockers are used in places that require high level of security and control.Arm barrier systems are the most preferred systems among barrier systems.

The arm lengths of the barriers used in these systems can be adjusted according to the area to be used. With today’s technology, it can work in compliance with all kinds of access control systems such as control, button unit, card reader, rfid antenna and labels.

At the same time, when the vehicle passes through the barrier, if the barrier does not perform its duty in any way, even if the barrier arm is closed on the vehicle, the vehicle is not damaged and it is opened again by detecting the vehicle under it.

Barriers can be opened manually in case of any power or power failure. The fact that both the arm length can be adjusted and it can work with the desired access control system makes this product more preferred.

Although the areas of use of bollards are similar to those of lever barriers, they are mostly used in areas where vehicle crossings are to be prevented and restricted.

One of the important reasons for its preference is that it does not have an uncomfortable appearance and another is that it can be landed and take off optionally.

It is common to use traffic, security and vehicle crossings where public institutions and organizations, municipalities, airports etc. need to be controlled.

Road blockers are used where high level security is at the forefront. This system, which is highly resistant to vehicle collisions, also protects against any possible attack.

For this reason, it is frequently used in places where security is at the forefront, such as military facilities, embassies, government buildings, oil refineries, and safety.

Since all of the barrier systems are generally used outdoors, they are also resistant to bad weather and rust. For detailed information about vehicle access control systems, you can call us on +90 232 328 16 45 or send mail directly to

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