X-Ray Baggage /Luggage Scanner In today's conditions, where your security is very important, with our advanced technology Smartpen x-ray luggage scanner, your securtiy is under control!

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High Level Security:

Our advanced technology X-ray scanner helps to detect in advance whether there is a dangereous substances or not in bags, luggage, etc.

High Quality:

All components of the Smartguard x-ray scanner consist of world-class brand.Photodetectors are Japanese made by Hamamatsu, conveyor belt and motor are German made by Interroll, generator is Spellman brand of American origin.

High Customer Satisfaction:

We promise to you fast shipping and installation and also free after-sales support by phone and remote desktop connection.

Easy to Use

Your Product are easily installed by our expert team.

Professional Service

Easy support with phone or desktop service options


Shape the system components according to your needs.

High Performance

Speed and Economic

What does x-ray luggage scanner do?

X-ray baggage / packet/ luggage scanner devices are imaging systems for the pre-determination of the presence of dangerous substances in the package.

Systems Components

There are many different models available for X-ray baggage scanner, depending on the location and purpose of the X-ray scanner.

The tunnels of the x-ray baggage scanner are determined according to the place to be used.

50×30 tunnels are usually suitable for places entered with handbags, such as shopping mall entrances, public institutions and organizations; as the size of the package to be controlled increases; 65×50, 80×65, or 100×100 will be more convenient.

Sites such as airports, bus terminals, hotel entrances should prefer devices with large tunnel measurements.

Our services used in differents sectors like:

– Airport security, border security, embassies security, oil & gas security, port & harbor security, prison, shopping mall etc..

How does the X-Ray Scanner Working?

Important feature of the X-ray baggage scanner is the power of the generator.

According to the generator power, x-ray scanner can give 2 or 4 color image, can make organic-inorganic separation.

X-Ray Luggage Scanner Components