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Who are we?

Polimek, started his story in 1995 with the production of guard tour control systems; which called ‘’Smart Pen ‘’ was deemed worthy of the Creativity in Electronics award of TESID (Turkish Electronics Industrialists Association).

In line with the interest and needs of the sector; and with the demand received from customers, Polimek turned his direction to personnel time attendance control and tracking systems, and expanded products range to  personnel controls systems from guard tours to face recognition systems.


With the motto of “Special service for the company”, Polimek provides software, hardware and turnkey solutions for every customers.


In 2017, Polimek started to produce x-ray luggage/ and baggage scanner and walk through metal detectors under the brand “Smartguard” and  exports to many countries such as Israel, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Bulgaria, Pakistan, India, Albania, Macedonia, England, Spain  and provides services to the whole world with solution partners.


Our aim is to prove the quality of Turkish products produced with advanced technology to the whole world, and to always move forward by improving our journey that started

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