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United Nations X-Ray Equipment and Detector Solutions

Libya, Tunisia and Sudan United Nations Offices Search for Packages and Bags with Smartguard
branded does X-ray Bag / Packet Search Systems.

One of our biggest goals is to introduce the quality of Turkish products to the whole world.
In this context, within the scope of successful projects carried out by our export department; With our solution partnerships in the Middle East, most of our control, security and automation products are used in many countries such as Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Tunisia, Dubai, Israel …
Within the scope of the project we have realized with our solution partners from Libya; In all United Nations offices in Libya, Tunisia and Sudan; Smartguard branded body search metal detectors and x-ray package and bag search devices are used.
The smallest size x-ray devices were preferred, as hand-held bag control would be performed in X-ray devices, a 140 kw x-ray devices that can distinguish organic-inorganic and detect explosives were preferred.

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