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What is an Access Control Systems ?

Access control systems are security systems that are designed to manage and control who is allowed to enter or exit a particular area, building, or system. 

Access control systems use various methods to authenticate and verify the identity of an individual before granting access to a restricted area or resource.

Access control systems can be physical or logical, and can use a variety of technologies to achieve their goals.

Physical access control systems (PACS) are typically used to control access to physical spaces such as buildings, rooms, or equipment.

These systems can use various methods to authenticate a person’s identity, such as keycards, biometric device, or QR & Barcodes. 

Access control systems are important for maintaining security and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas or resources. They can be used in a wide variety of settings, including government buildings, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

In Polimek, you can find vehicle and pedestrian access control systems.

Easy to Usage

Your access control terminal can easily installed by our expert team or yours.

Easy Setup

Zone Management (anti-passback, fire alarm)
User permission management by each door.

Professional Service

Easy support with phone or desktop service options.

High Security

Your data is safe with our encryption technologies.
Real-time event monitoring.


Shape the access security system components according to your needs.

High Performance

We provide customized access control sytstem.

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What is the main purpose of access control ?

The purpose for the access control system is to control the entries of the person’s to certain places and to report relevant data. 

If required, time restrictions and introduction for access at doors may be applied for the persons.

Access control system  is an ideal solution equipped with all features that a user needs .

You can do  user management,  zone management, elevator management or real-time monitoring with access security systems.

Access Control System Accessoires

We can do access control  with differents way.

Status information accumulated on the terminals may preferably be transferred online or offline.

What are the 3 types of Access Control ?
* Rfid Access Control
* Biometric Access Control
* Turnstile Access Control

 We can talk about also vehicle access control system.

 For the door lock access control system  we have different options for differents types of door.
With the Polimek Mobile Access  you can use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities.

What are examples of  access control system?

Access Control can be done by card, fingerprint, face of peoples predefining on which day and what times they can pass through the gates.If they want to get report from the terminal, systems will be need computer connection and access control software. That is pedestrian control systems.

 You can also control your vehicle with your access control systems.

Types of Access Control Systems

Access Control System Software

Teklif İste

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