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Forklift Operation Application

In places where forklifts are used, the biggest problem is that a forklift switch starts other forklifts.To prevent this, we created the “Forklift Control (Operation) System”.

In this system, instead of forklift key fobs, proximity or mifare card readers connected to the battery and proximity or mifare cards in operators are used.
Authorized operator cards can only use authorized forklifts.

With Forklift Control System;

  • Unauthorized use of forklifts is prevented.
  • The cards used by the personnel within the company can be used to operate the product without the need for a separate key or card.
  • If the operator leaves the forklift running, the forklift will automatically shut down after the set time.
  • Any operator; It does not need separate cards to operate more than one forklift in the enterprise. The information of forklifts that can be used by the operator can be uploaded to the card
  • Fuel-energy consumption caused by the unnecessary operation of the forklift is prevented.
    Work accidents that may be caused by forklifts working unnecessarily and damage to the environment due to energy consumption are prevented.

Vehicle Access Control Systems


QP 110 Rfid Door Lock Access Control System

Card + Password Capacity: 2000, Card: 125 Khz, Communication Portal: Stand-alone, Relay: Yes

Proximity Standalone Access Controller( RF Card )

 Standalone Door Access Controller (Single or 2 way ) work with Network Access Control Panel. Standalone door access controller can be proximity or mifare.
TCP/IP Access Geçiş Kontrol Paneli

Agora TCP/IP Network Access Control Panel

TCP/IP 4 door 2 ways access controller is one of TCP/IP access controllers which use standard industrial TCP/IP network.

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