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Izmir Municipality Railway Turnstiles Access Control Project

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality preferred Polimek Elektronik for Tram Line Turnstile Pass Systems…

At the entrances and exits of the Karşıyaka tram with 14 stops, 8.8 km in length, and Konak tramway with 19 stops, which was opened in March 2018, in April 2017, passengers can enter and exit through Polimek branded tripod turnstiles.
Within the scope of the project we jointly carry out with Izmirim card, passengers who show their Izmirim cards to the smart card readers placed on the turnstiles can then pass to the tramway.
In the project where the number of turnstiles are determined according to the size and density of the stations, tripod turnstiles and VIP turnstiles were used in each station.
Polimek turnstiles, which are frequently preferred in places where human passages are required to be arranged, are made of 304 brand stainless steel and 1.5 mm wall thickness; It is resistant to all external factors such as hot-cold and rain.
Turnstiles, which are the most preferred access control system in rail systems, which are the first to come to mind after buses when it comes to public transportation, can work integrated with all city cards.

In order to avoid any security gap, it is recommended to have body search metal detectors at the stops and to direct the passengers to the turnstiles after passing through the detectors.
If this is not possible, at least the passenger bag should be scanned with hand-held metal detectors.

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