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High Level Security

With our new generation metal detectors, the alarm level is determined according to the density of the metal.

High Quality

Our metal detectors have waterproof and fireproof features.

Customer Satisfaction

We promise to you fast shipping and installation and also free after-sales support by phone and remote desktop connection.

Easy to Usage

Your product are easily installed by our expert team.

Professional Service

Easy support with phone or desktop service options.


Shape the system components according to your needs.

High Performance

Speed and Economic

What does metal detectors do?

Metal detectors are among the most important elements of security systems together with x-ray baggage scanner.
They will detect metallic objects on people passing through the detector, such as knives, weapons etc.

Their level of detection sensitivity can be adjusted to meet varying threats.

Systems Components

Walk through metal detectors starting from 6 zones; can be up to 45 regions of the body part.

The devices has waterproof and fireproof models.

Hand detectors are used to scan the person passing through the door detector.

The handheld detector has different models, either charged or battery powered.

How does metal detectors working?

Walk through metal detectors; the panel on the sides dividing human body by the equal parts and search for whether there is any metal or not.

The alarm level can be set according to the density of the metal.

Thanks to the LED display on the devices; the number of people who have switched from the device and the number of people that the device has alerted can be easily seen.

Walk through metal detectors starting from 6 zones; can be up to 45 regions of the body part.

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