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Access Control Software Features:
  • It is the software used to track the entry and exit of employees and visitors.
  • It is integrated into the passage points where security is desired such as archive rooms, system
    rooms, administration units, production areas, locker or toilet doors within the company.
    It can work integrated with fire, alarm and camera systems.
  • The information of which personnel can pass through which door at what time can be assigned
    through the software.
  • By creating time tables in weekly periods, door access authorizations can be done easily.
    With the online pass monitoring feature, the personnel can be monitored instantly.
    With instant reporting, timely reports such as daily, weekly, monthly entry-exit, door control, stay
    inside can be easily received.
  • Online geçiş izleme özelliği ile personelin anlık hangi kapıdan geçiş yaptığı izlenebilir.
  • With the anti-pass back feature, personnel can be prevented from entering or exiting from the same
    door one after another.
  • Access Control 3.0 Software is developed on visual platform and uses SL database.
  • Turkish and English language support is available, if wanted, integration into different languages can
    be provided.
  • It is compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • It provides user-based access rights and secure authorization.
  • Transition reports can be exported to external environment in HTML, XML, WORD, EXCEL, TEXT, PDF formats.

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