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High Level Security X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Our advanced technology X-ray baggage scanner helps to detect in advance whether there is a dangereous substances or not in bags, luggage, etc.

Inspection of bag, baggage, parcel and cargo are very important for the securtiy.

With our single and dualview energy X-ray luggage screening machine we promise to you perfect threat detection.



High Quality X-Ray Baggage Inspection System

All components of the Smartguard x-ray baggage scanner consist of world-class brand.

Photodetectors are Japanese made by Hamamatsu, conveyor belt and motor are German made by Interroll, generator is Spellman brand of American origin.

High Customer Satisfaction:

For our security screening products; we promise to you fast shipping and installation and also free after-sales support by phone and remote desktop connection.

Easy to Use

Our x ray baggage scanners are easily installed by our expert team.

Professional Service

Our Smartguard x ray baggage scanner solutions meet the most demanding security screening needs at border, airport or railway.Polimek has global support network with phone or desktop service options.

Global Support & Training

Our expertise team for sale and training of the x ray baggage scanner will help you for choosing the best solution for x ray luggage machine and give you best price and service.

Find Right Products & Services

X- ray baggage scanner offers entreprises, airport, tran station, borders etc. complete their security systems. We will help you to find right solution for cargo&parcel inspection.

What is X ray Baggage Scanner?

X-ray baggage  scanner devices are imaging systems for the pre-determination of the presence of dangerous substances in the package with Xray. 

X-ray luggage scanner serve to detect threat protection.

What do airport baggage scanner detect?

There are many different models available for X-ray baggage scanner, depending on the location and purpose of the X-ray scanner.

The tunnels of the x-ray baggage scanner are determined according to the place to be used.

50×30 tunnels are usually suitable for places entered with handbags, such as shopping mall entrances, public institutions and organizations; as the size of the package to be controlled increases; 65×50, 80×65, or 100×100 will be more convenient.

Sites such as airports, bus terminals, hotel entrances should prefer devices with large tunnel measurements.

Our x-ray baggage scanner & services used in differents sectors like:

Airport security, border security, embassies security, oil & gas security, port & harbor security, prison, shopping mall etc..

How does the X-Ray Scanner Working?

Important feature of the X-ray baggage scanner is the power of the generator.

According to the generator power, x-ray scanner can give 2 or 4 color image, can make organic-inorganic separation.

X-Ray Security Scanner Products & Solutions

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