What Do The Colors on The X-Ray Baggage Scanner Mean?

X-Ray Luggage Scanners enable security personnel to perform accurate and quick security inspections. It provides effective detection of potentially dangerous objects such as knives, explosives, drugs. But how do x-ray inspection devices detect these substances? Let’s examine this. How Do X-Ray Baggage Scanners Work? When an object is exposed to x-rays inside the x-ray baggage […]

What Are The Solutions Provided by X-Ray Inspection Devices?

What Is X-Ray Inspection System? X-Ray inspection scanners are useful for security personnel to carry out detailed internal scans of bags, etc., and to detect dangerous items. Thanks to X-Ray luggage scanners, security personnel perform accurate and fast security scanning and increase their productivity. It helps to distinguish objects that can escape from the human […]

Where is Card Access System Software Used?

The card access control system is one of the most common systems used in places where entry-exit control and inspection is carried out. Authorized persons, who have been previously introduced to the access control software and given certain permissions, pass by scanning their Proximity or Mifare cards according to the system used in the entrances […]

What Are The Employee Entry and Exit Tracking Systems?

What is Personnel Tracking System? Personnel entry-exit tracking system, also known as personnel attendance system, is a system where employers track their employees’ entry and exit, calculate their leave and overtime, take payrolls and transfer the received payroll information to any accounting system if desired. As a result of transferring the entry and exit times […]

What Are The Features of VIP Turnstiles?

Turnstile systems are used in every area where monitoring is required today. Safe passage is provided by turnstiles in almost every sector of workplaces, plazas, sports halls, WCs, cafeterias, etc. Turnstile systems used to provide control and security can be coordinated with fingerprints, face recognition devices or card readers. Thus, personnel and visitor entrances and […]

What are the Advantages of Vehicle Access Control Systems?

Vehicle access control systems; is the system used to provide general entry-exit control in places where vehicle circulation is high in line with the rapidly increasing number of vehicles these days. Especially in places where security and control levels are kept high, such as schools, multiple housing estates, shopping malls, indoor/outdoor parking lots, the use […]

What Can You Detect With a Handheld Metal Detector?

What is a handheld metal detector used for? What gets detected in a metal detector? In line with the increasing need for security today, people are improving themselves day by day in the production of security equipment in order to detect threats. In particular, walkthrough metal detector/door metal detector, x-ray baggage scanner and hand-held metal […]

What Are The Usage Areas Of Turnstile Access Control Systems?

Turnstile access control systems are systems that enable people to control their passage through a security point. In our daily life, we come across turnstiles in many places. Every day, our security is provided by turnstile access control systems in shopping malls, amusement parks, subways, etc. The use of these access control systems is increasing […]

Why You Need a Guard Tour Control System?

Many companies, institutions, factories, etc. hire security guards to keep their facilities safe. Generally, the job description of these security guards is not just to control entries-exits and not to allow unauthorized entry from outside. In addition to these duties, there are periodic visits to patrol points, checking doors and lights that are left open, […]

Where is Walk-Through Metal Detector Used?

Walk through metal scanner detector is a stationary-mounted detection device that allows us to distinguish hidden metal objects as people pass through them. While installing WTMD, weight, quantity or shape parameters are defined according to the security needs of the are where it is installed. If there is an object with a higher value than […]