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PL 28 Biometric Access Control Terminal

Fingerprint RFID Access Control & Time Attendance Terminal
PL 70 Parmak izi Okuyucu Geçiş Sistemi

PL 70 Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System

PL 70 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is a suitable fingerprint reader for both access control and time attendance control applications.
PL 28 Parmak izi Geçiş Sistemi Okuyucusu

PL28 Fingerprint Access Control Terminal

PL 28 biometric fingerprint scanner is suitable for professional access control and also time and attendance applications. This fingerprint scanner has fingerprint, card and  id reader option.
PL 52 Parmak izi Okuyucu Sistemi

PL52 Biometric Fingerprint Reader

For fingerprint access control, you use a fingerprint scanner to create a template for each person that you want to authorise for access control. PL 52 biometric fingerprint scanner capacity can be 1,000 / 3,000 / 5,000.

PL90 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint is the most popular identifier.This way of access control and time attendance systems grow rapidly. We have different biometric fingerprint scanner. PL90 biometric fingerprint scanner is a suitable reader for time attendance and access control applications.
PL 35 Parmak izi Geçiş Sistemi

PL 35 Stand-alone Biometric Fingerprint Reader

PL 35 is a stand-alone single door biometric reader for access control application. PL 35 Fingerprint reader has a new waterproof design with touch keypad.

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