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TCP/IP Access Geçiş Kontrol Paneli

Agora TCP/IP Network Access Control Panel

Door Access Control System


TCP/IP 4 door 2 ways access controller is one of TCP/IP access controllers which use standard industrial TCP/IP network.There is no limitation of device quantity. It has built in web management and we can manage it directly.

It connects 8 card readers to realize card swiping for door entry or exit and anti pass back.


  • User:30.000
  • Event:50.000
  • Alarm Event: 60.000
  • Communication: TCP/IP
  • Communication Distance: Software management without limitation
  • Card Reader: Wiegand Protocol
  • Door Open Method: Card, Card +PSW, Double Card, Software, Push Button

Standard Interface

  • Card Reader:8
  • Alarm Output:1
  • Alarm Input:1
  • Fire Alarm Output:1
  • Fire Alarm Input:1
  • Release Button:4
  • Door Sensor Input:4
  • Lock Output:4
  • TCP/IP Communication:1
  • RS485 Interface:1

Basic Parameter

  • Access Control Panel Size: 210*125*22 mm
  • Access Control Panel Weight: 250 gr.
  • Working Temperature: < 60 degree
  • Working Voltage: 12V
  • Working Current: < 80 mA
  • Rated Power: < 5 W


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