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Automatic rising bollard is an automatic barrier system that is used for controlling the traffic.

Bollards are integrated into the hydraulic ram. Compared to traditional rising bollard with hydraulic power unit, this one has an easier installation. Moreover, it saves the budget and has various advantages such as after-sales support and easy maintenance. If the connection with the control system is established then the main power can work.

The cylinder material of automatic bollard is made of stainless steel. For this reason, corrosion and rust resistance is provided. In cooperation with SGS, the automatic bollard has passed some performance tests. Such as; lifting test, water and dust proof test, temperature test etc. With these tests, the bollards stable working ability is guaranteed.

According to different models, equipment lifting time may vary between 3 and 5 seconds. Thanks to the emergency evacuation system, in case of emergency, the electricity is cut off, the bollard falls automatically and the vehicles are allowed to pass.

The automatic rising bollard is very convenient for high-frequency, high-security vehicle access points. It is suitable and used in areas such as districts, pedestrian streets, parks, scenic areas, schools, fire exits, squares, parking lots.

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