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HBD Sabit Mantar Bariyer (Sığ Montaj)
Grup 1

HBD Fixed Bollard (Shallow)

Mushroom Barriers


The Anti-terror/High Security Shallow Mount Bollard System is designed to provide robust protection against unauthorized vehicular access. With a shallow underground anchorage height of only 210mm, this system boasts exceptional impact resistance, meeting rigorous standards including IWA 14-1:2013, PAS68:2013, and ASTM 2656-18. Its high-resistant bollard anchorage features two anchorage plates with gaps for concrete penetration, reinforced with 200mm thick “HEB” beams and four stud bolts/nuts for easy leveling. Underground connections are further strengthened with welded wedge-type fastenings, ensuring maximum security upon installation.

Above ground, the bollard cylinder stands at 950mm in height, constructed of Ø270mm hot-dip galvanized steel for durability and resilience. Available in RAL9006 color as standard, with optional RAL colors upon request, the cylinder is equipped with red, white, or yellow reflecting strips compliant with “E” standards. This bollard system offers reliable protection against vehicular threats while maintaining a discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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