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Impinj RFID Okuyucu R 120 – R 220 – R420

Impinj Speedway R220 & R420 Reader

RFID Products


Category leader with 2 or 4 antenna port options.

Ideal for demanding supply chain applications such as dock doors, conveyor systems and for asset tracking, parking, retail.

  • Impinj Speedway R220: Two port model, supports up to two antennas in mono-static mode
  • Impinj Speedway R420: Four port model, supports up to four antennas in mono-static mode

With embedded Linux system and high performance processor, Impinj Speedway can run embedded software without need for a PC. It has LLRP functionality and supports worldwide regulatory compliance. For the end-user who needs a quick, out of the box solution, the Impinj Speedway provides an intuitive installation wizard allowing the user to be able to begin reading tags within minutes.

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