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Pro-Carbon Arm Barrier

Arm Barriers


The PL 212 boom barrier provides an effective access control solution. It operates quickly and efficiently with an opening time of 35 seconds. Compatible with single-phase 220V power supply, it offers a wide coverage area with a maximum boom length of up to 5000 mm. It is durable, capable of sustaining 1545 opening/closing operations daily. With a noise level of ≤62 dB, it doesn’t disturb the surroundings. Weighing 65 kg, it provides flexibility with various options such as photocells, flashers, traffic lights, and loop detectors. Operating temperature ranges from 20°C to +50°C, and being system card controlled, it is compatible with all access control systems.

The Pro Carbon boom barrier offers a wide range of applications with a maximum boom length of 4 meters. Providing effective access control with a rapid opening-closing time of 3 seconds, it withstands daily cycles of 5000 openings and closings. It operates with a single-phase 220V AC power supply and 24 VDC motor voltage, delivering powerful performance with a motor power of 100 W. With a temperature range of -25°C to +50°C and IP 55 security rating, it withstands harsh environmental conditions, weighing 80 kg for a sturdy and stable structure. Suitable for use in environments with 85% or lower humidity, it offers optional features including photocells, traffic lights, under-boom LED lights, and loop detectors. Being system card controlled, it is compatible with all access control systems.

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