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SG-300A Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detectors


SG-300A Walk Through Metal Detector

Our New Walk Through Metal Detector with Many Zone Options

* Stable performance,6-12-18 zones options

* Two LED lights bar show threats location on human body

* Extremely high sensivity to find even tiny threats

* Ip65 weather proof design

* Sound and light alarm

* Operation way : Remote control


Walk-through metal detectors are crucial for public security, commonly seen in airports and government buildings.

But what exactly do walk through metal detectors detect? And how do Polimek Electronic Walk through metal detectors offer the best solution for metal detection? Let’s find out.

Walk through metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to detect metal objects on a person’s body.

As a person passes through, the metal detector’s electromagnetic field detects metal objects, triggering an alarm if necessary.



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