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SG-3310 Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detectors


Walk-through metal detectors are commonly used to address security concerns in various settings such as shopping malls, airports, hotel entrances, and more. These detectors, often referred to as “walk-through metal detectors,” are frequently utilized alongside x-ray machines.

These devices employ electromagnetic technology to scan individuals passing through them. The detectors focus on identifying metal objects on a person’s body. Based on the metal’s density, the system triggers audible and visual alarms.

The 33-zone walk-through metal detectors represent an advanced form of this technology. By dividing the human body into 33 distinct zones, they meticulously scan for metal presence in each zone. Visual alerts are then provided on the sides corresponding to the specific zones where metal is detected.

The upper section of walk-through metal detectors typically displays essential information, including the number of people passing through and the count of individuals who have triggered alarms.

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