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SG-L 100100 Dual View X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Luggage Type X-Ray Devices


This product is equipped with an innovative feature known as the DUAL VIEW, which includes two X-ray generators. This allows scanning from two different perspectives: the top view and the side view, providing more comprehensive information. The Linux operating system and ARM processor ensure powerful performance and reliability, while the digital signal processor delivers high penetration power.

With a continuous working capacity of over 10,000 hours, this device is designed for long-lasting and uninterrupted use. The energy-efficient design reflects an environmentally friendly approach, and the one-key turn-off feature enhances user convenience. Thanks to the Dual View feature, the product can scan various materials in detail with a penetration capability of 34 mm (top view) and 36 mm (side view).

The organic matter resolution is in the range of 1-120 mm, meeting the effective material resolution requirements of GB 15208.1-2005. The signal-to-noise ratio is <60dB, emphasizing the device’s ability to achieve reliable results. With a carrying capacity of up to 200 kg, the device allows for the scanning of large and heavy materials, while its weight of 1300 kg indicates a robust and durable structure. The wide range of operating temperature and humidity (5°C – 40°C / 0%-90%) enhances reliable usability in various working environments. The 220V (±10%-15%) 50±3Hz operating power helps maintain the device’s strong performance.

Overall, this X-ray device, with its innovative features, powerful performance, and durability, offers a comprehensive solution for various scanning needs.

This device stands out with its ability to provide high-quality images to users. The one-key turn-off feature enhances user convenience, and the energy-efficient design offers a long-lasting and economical solution. Moreover, the dual-view capability provides the flexibility to scan materials from different perspectives, adding a layer of detail to the scanning process. This product caters to users seeking an advanced and reliable solution for modern applications.

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