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SG-L 10080 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Luggage Type X-Ray Devices


This product represents a powerful X-ray device equipped with the Linux operating system and ARM processor. The digital signal processor and high penetration power provide effective threat detection and reliable results. With a continuous working capacity of over 1000 hours, it offers an ideal solution for long-term and uninterrupted use. The energy-efficient design reflects an environmentally friendly approach, and the one-key turn-off feature enhances user convenience.

The product’s large dimensions (4341 x 1295 x 1716.5 mm) and tunnel dimensions (1011 x 801 mm) provide a suitable platform for scanning large and diverse objects. The organic matter resolution ranges from 1 to 120 mm, and the grayscale and mixture resolution is in the range of 1 to 40 mm, offering effective material resolution that meets the requirements of GB 15208.1-2005.

The signal-to-noise ratio (S/N ratio) is <60dB, emphasizing the product’s ability to achieve reliable results. With a carrying capacity of up to 200 kg, the device allows for the safe scanning of large and heavy materials, while its weight of 790 kg indicates a robust and durable structure. The wide range of storage temperature and humidity (-20°C – 60°C / 10%-90%) enhances reliable storage in various conditions. The X-ray generator operates effectively with a 160 kV oil-cooled system from top to bottom. The automatic detection of threats feature automatically identifies threats, providing a high level of security.

One of the standout features of this device is the conveyor system with a carrying capacity of up to 150 kg, allowing for the safe scanning of large and heavy materials. Additionally, with low power consumption (0.58 kW) and a weight of 420 kg, the device complies with industry standards. The wide range of operating temperature and humidity (5°C – 40°C / 0%-90%) and storage temperature and humidity (-20°C – 60°C / 10%-90%) allows adaptability to various working environments. Atmospheric pressure conditions and power requirements are also determined in compliance with standards (86kPa-106kPa AC / 220V ±10%-15% 50±3Hz).

In conclusion, this X-ray device offers an ideal solution for industrial use with its powerful performance, carrying capacity, and energy-efficient design.

This device stands out with its ability to provide high-quality images to users. The one-key turn-off feature enhances user convenience, and the energy-efficient design offers a long-lasting and economical solution. Moreover, the digital processing capabilities provide a suitable platform for detailed analysis and reliable diagnostics. This product caters to users seeking a reliable solution for modern medical and industrial applications.

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