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X-Ray Bagge Scanner

SG-L 4233A X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Bag Type X-Ray Devices


This product stands out as a robust device with powerful features such as the Linux operating system, ARM CPU, and digital signal processor. Boasting durability, the device has a continuous working capacity of over 10,000 hours. Its energy-efficient design reflects an environmentally friendly approach, and the product distinguishes itself with high penetration power.

The device’s ability to provide high-quality images instills confidence in users. With dimensions of 1,531 x 668 x 860 mm (L x W x H) and a tunnel size of 423 x 333.5 mm (width x height), it efficiently covers a significant area. Notable specifications include a weight of 180 kg, an operational power of 220V (±10%-15%) at 50±3Hz, and an 80 kV X-ray generator with bottom-to-top oil cooling.

Focusing on precision, the product offers a spatial resolution of 1.0 mm both vertically and horizontally. It ensures film safety with a guarantee for ASA/ISO 1600 film. The one-key turn on/off feature enhances user-friendliness, and the device incorporates a powerful operating system with a 500GB hard drive and 1GB storage capacity.

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