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X-Ray Baggage Scanner. Security Inspection Systems.

SG-L 5030 A X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Bag Type X-Ray Devices


This product is a standout X-ray device with robust features and a durable design. The Linux operating system and ARM processor ensure reliable performance, while the digital signal processor provides high penetration power. The continuous working capacity of over 10,000 hours demonstrates the device’s longevity and reliability, complemented by its energy-efficient design that reflects an environmentally friendly approach.

Ensuring film safety with a guarantee for ASA/ISO 1600 film, the product boasts a solid structure with a weight of 250 kg. The signal-to-noise ratio below 60dB supports the acquisition of high-quality images. The broad operating temperature and humidity range, along with storage conditions of -20°C to 60°C and 10% to 90% humidity, make it suitable for various environments. The 220V (±10%-15%) 50±3Hz operating power contributes to the device’s robust performance.

The X-ray generator operates effectively with an 80 kV bottom-to-top oil-cooled system. The 21.5″ LED screen and monitor with a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels provide users with clear and detailed information. Additionally, the one-key turn-off feature enhances user convenience, making this product a preferred choice.

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