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X-Ray Baggage Scanner

SG-L 6040A X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Bag Type X-Ray Devices


This product represents a modern and innovative X-ray device, delivering powerful performance through its Linux operating system and ARM processor. Integrated with a digital signal processor, the product offers continuous working capacity of over 10,000 hours, providing an opportunity for long-term and uninterrupted use. The energy-efficient design embraces an environmentally friendly approach, while its high penetration power effectively scans various materials.

This device stands out by offering users top-tier image quality. The one-key turn-off feature enhances user convenience, and the energy-efficient design provides a long-lasting and economical solution. Moreover, the digital processing capabilities provide a suitable platform for detailed analyses and reliable diagnoses based on the delivered images. This product caters to users seeking a reliable solution in modern medical and industrial applications.

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