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Kapı Tipi Metal Dedektör
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Smartguard SG-3307 Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detectors


Walk through metal  detector is a stationary-mounted detection device that allows us to distinguish hidden metal objects as people pass through them.

While installing security meta detector, weight, quantity or shape parameters are defined according to the security needs of the are where it is installed.

If there is an object with a higher value than these parameters on the person passing through the walk through metal detector, the security scanner detector will raise an alarm so that the security can detect the prohibited person and substance.

Different industries have different needs. In this direction, as Polimek, we offer domestic and quality products with high sensitivity, strong induction and sensing ability in order to meet the needs of users and to offer the most suitable product.

Smartguard SG 3307 walk through metal detector; with 33 different identification zones; it scans the person passing through the detector from head to toe, leaves no dead spots and locates all metals with a high sensitivity setting.

These devices work with “digital pulse technology” which is a filtering system and has excellent anti-interference ability.

Moreover, you can adjust sensitivity level between 0-99 and exclude the coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckle etc. It is also waterproof – fireproof and easy to install.

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