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X-Ray Cihazı
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Smartguard SG 5030 A X-RAY Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Baggage / Luggage Scanner


The 5030A x-ray baggage scanner easily accommodates the inspection of hand baggage and parcels.

The 5030A uses a high-resolution x-ray detector array that increases detection sensitivity, improves image resolution and optimizes image presentation.


Independent intellectual property rights software inside to ensure smooth operation
Double lead curtain avoid x ray leakage to ensure people safety
Different Access Modes in software, can open unlimited sub-account with hierarchical permissions
Embedded with Wireless LAN, can do remote technical support at any time
Bi-directional operation allows the system to be incorporated, realize the two-way screening


Smartguard SG-5030A is designed to detect prohibited items and threats by screening bags and package at security checkpoints. Ideal for using at public area, such as hotel, shopping malls, factories,office building, bank, court,church and more. The compact 5030 is a great choice for small or limited spaces, which fits well into any entrance environment.

Itis equipped with a 80 kV generator typically, known for high definition x-ray imaging with 16 colors processing tools. The advanced imaging capability of our 5030A raises the standard for small-sized x ray screening system and delivers an array of features that give operators the information they need to clear suspicious items quickly and more effectively. If prefer the basic features ,and the budget is an issue, it is your best choice.


  • Commercial buildings, factories, courthouses, embassies, government buildings, military installations, all public institutions like prisons, hotels, schools, convention centers and all security checkpoints.
  • Excellent system for schools, hotels, convention centers and event-based security requirements.

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