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Under Vehicle Inspection System


What is the working principle of the under vehicle imaging system?


PL-UVIS222 Under Vehicle Inspection System is the fixed solution for the fully identification of threats or modifications to a vehicle’s undercarriage. It can quickly and accurately identify threats , contraband objects and stowaway who are hidden at the bottom. Vehicles drive over the embedded scanning units while Polimek’s systems compile high-resolution images of a vehicle’s undercarriage to create the vehicle’s “fingerprint.” It’s easy to see any threatening objects that may be hidden on top of an axel or crossbeam. An overview/driver camera captures the normal view of car/driver and displays this on the high-resolution monitor .

  1. Under Vehicle Inspection Camera Features Advantages:
  • Auto digital line scan, high-resolution undercarriage imaging.
  • Decision Response Time: 2-3 seconds
  • Applicable to variety of vehicles, wide vision.
  • Multi-Language Interface Design.
  • IP68 high degree of protection, anti-seismic,adapting to any climate environment.
  • Test will be completed during the vehicle maneuvers without stopping, adapted to different speed.
  • Strong expansion capability, can easily achieve all kinds of linkage control(such as anti-collision system, barrier,etc.).
  • Multi entrance management model, and statistics of entering and exiting vehicles.
  • Flexible detection process can be made on site to satisfy the needs of various work conditions.
  • Image monitoring, video recording for different scenario
  • Undercarriage image can be stored, retrieved, searched or compared with other images.
  • Whole image display ion monitor, can zoom, playback, sign in the images, stretching and cutting, etc
  • The image is automatically stored, deleted: Save not less than 10,000 pictures, expired pictures will be deleted automatically
  • Linear CCD scanning technology dynamic imaging; Scanning Mode: linear scan, ground coil trigger
  • No need to park vehicle, can bear speed below 30km/h
  • Time of image display after scan <1s


  1. Under Vehicle Surveillance Technical Specification 5 6 CCD Line Scan Camera : LED Illumination Vehicle Plate Number Capture Camera Nigh vision, water proof and antifogging function.

Distribution box Computer Embedded Frame :

  • Material : stainless steel
  • Dimension: 1222mm x 350mm

3) Water-proof grade: IP68

4) Load bearing Weight: 50T

5) Image resolution : 12220 *6144



UVISSCAN CCD Line Scan Camera :

1) The maximum scanning rate: 18kHz

2) Type: B/W image

3) Resolution: 5000* 2048 pixels

4) Image : Black/white (color optional)

5) Power Supply: 24VDC, 3A

6) Transfer interface/distance : Gigabit Ethernet/100m

7) Sealed unit to protect against heat, dust, water and vibration

8) Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +60°C

9) One-way scanning /Double-way scanning


LED Illumination

1) Power Supply: 24VDC, 320W

2) LED light service life: 50,000 hours

3) Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +60°C


Vehicle Plate Number Capture Camera

  1. The imaging element,1/3″SONY ICX673 CCD
  2. Resolution: 752(H)*582(V) & Horizontal resolution: 700TVL
  3. Signal to Noise Ratio: >48dB
  4. Electrical shutter: 1/50—1/10,0000/s
  5. White balance: Auto & Size: 8inch (292*140*102)
  • Input: 2 channels induction coil
  • Output: 1 Channel switch type 12VDC
  • Communication port: RS485, 1000M Ethernet (Optional)
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to 60°C



  1. Brand: Grantech (SYM76941 VGGA)
  2. CPU: Intel (R) Core Processor, 2.6GHz/2.59GHz
  3. Memory: 2G (optional 4G)
  4. Graphics :512M
  5. Hard Disk: SATA2 Hard Disk 500G
  6. Dual LAN (at least one Intel Gigabit)
  7. USB2.0 (Up to 2 pieces)
  8. Monitor: 22’ LCD, resolution up to 1920*1080
  9. Scene Video Record: 4 channels, Compression algorithm of scene video: H264
  10. Vehicle Scanning Operational syst

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