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With the mobil time attendance system compatible with android operating systems;

  • You can authorize or restrict users according to their demands
  • Your personnel can do their enter and exit time via application when they are outside of the Office and enter location notification instantly.
  • According to the permission moduke, the status of the personnel can be followed on the dashboard.
  • With the mobile Access control systems, you can do vehicule or personnel time attendance control without any readers.
  • You can instantly view the mobile applicatiın users authorized over the existing systems.
  • With Polimek Qr code reader, you can give your personnel the oppertunity to pass without any terminal.
  • If the device don’t have an internet connection, the datas is stored in the device’s memory and when the device is connected to the internet, it will be send automatically.


*Allows you to see your personnel entry/exit, permission and location.

Vehicle Tracking

It allows you to track movements of vehicle with user, location, time and km information.

Area Tracking
Mobile Access Systems allows monitoring of the areas where personnel or visitors are ocated in the location who is equipped with access control devices

Where to use Mobile Access &Time Attendance Systems ?

  • Hospital
  • Warehouse
  • Schools
  • Malls
  • Construction sites
  • Marketing Field Areas
  • Technical Service Areas
About Software

Mobile Time and Attendance Software is designed for businesses whose personnel work in the field and want to monitor their personnel instantly. It is compatible with Android systems.

You can see all the entrance and exit on dashboard.

Dashboard: It is provided to be renewed automatically or by scrolling down at the frequency determined by the administrator without the need for application updates.

Location notification: In case of clicking the Entry/Exit buttons, instant location information can be obtained.

Passing with NFC: If your device has NFC feauture, you can just read the device to the point, its mean you are there. It is instantly reflected on the dashboard.

Personnel access with NFC : Polimek Mobile Access supports NFC for full compatibility with various types of smartphones.

If the device don’t have internet, all informatons will be stored in the device memory, and when the device is connected to the internet, it is automatically sent.

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