Professional Time and Attendance Software With the professional time attendance software, you can define multiple compagnies and users, also you can aucomatically send e-mal or sms. Our software offers to work more than one person at the same time with unlimited user support.

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Professional Time and Attendance Software 3.0 Features

Our professional software was developed by Polimek on platform.

Professional Time and Attendance Software 3.0 Definitions
  • Multi-Company
  • Multi User
  • Automatic Record Transfer and E-mail Sending Application
  • Salary Calculation Payroll
  • Calculation Based on First
  • Entry – Last Exit
  • Personnel Identification
  • Section Identification
  • Permission Define
  • Public Holiday Definition
  • Working schedule
  • Payroll Settings
Professional Time and Attendance Systems 3.0 Reports
  • Annual Leave Tracking Report
  • Annual Reports
  • Staff Attendance List Report
  • Annual Overtime Tracking Report
  • Daily Worker Status Report
  • Worker Status Report After Payroll
  • Entry-Exit Report
  • Non-Come Report
  • Permissions Report
  • Early/Late Arrivals Report
  • Insider/Outsider Report
  • Employees/Leaders Report
  • Identity Report
  • Employees on Leave Report
  • Staff List Report
  • Payroll Detailed Report
  • Total Report
  • Worksheet Report
  • Latecomers Report
  • Early Departures Report
  • Absenteeism Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Working Group Report
  • Overtime Reports
  • Weekly Holiday Employees Report
  • Permission Information Report
  • Actual Arrivals / No Arrivals Report
  • Compensation Study Report