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  • Guard tour control software can be installed on all versions of Windows operating systems.
  • From the settings menu,the desired user can be authorized or restricted from the company and user settings section.
  • Software opening password can be set or changed by the user.
    With the communication port option, it communicates with the computer.
  • Definitions can be done on the basis of security guard, security point, person and location.
  • Event definition can be made on the same menu according to the event status.
  • On the menu, you can see the defined guard list in the pen and on the computer.
  • Record transfer and record deletion.
  • Can teach computer time and date to pen.
  • Can assign a number to the pen he has used.
  • You can get security officer and security point reports with the reports menu.
  • Can receive incident report.
  • You can get the tour report you have defined.
  • With the option of uncontrollable reports, it can receive reports that it did not go on tour.
  • All reports are taken clearly on the name of the person or location based on time and date.
  • Reports are saved to the computer by the user with any of the Excel, word, pdf options.
  • Reports can be stored on the computer, sent via e-mail or printed out.

Thus, which of your security guards at what time; how often he goes on tour; You can easily see which location is toured or not..

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