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Under Vehicle Inspection System” (UVIS) is a security and safety technology used to inspect the underside of vehicles, typically as they pass through a checkpoint or security gate. The primary purpose of a UVIS is to detect any hidden threats, contraband, or suspicious items that may be attached to or concealed beneath a vehicle.

Key components and features of a typical UVIS system include:

  1. Cameras: UVIS systems are equipped with high-resolution cameras that capture images of the vehicle’s undercarriage. These cameras may use various imaging technologies, including visible light, infrared, or ultraviolet, to ensure a comprehensive inspection.

  2. Illumination: Adequate lighting is essential for capturing clear images of the vehicle’s undercarriage. UVIS systems often include powerful lights to ensure proper illumination.

  3. Scanning Mechanism: The UVIS system typically has a scanning mechanism that moves along with the vehicle. This mechanism can be a combination of mirrors, camera arrays, or other technologies that allow for a complete scan of the underside of the vehicle.

  4. Image Processing Software: Advanced image processing software is used to analyze the captured images and highlight any anomalies or potential threats. This software can automatically detect objects that don’t belong, such as explosives, weapons, or other illicit items.

  5. User Interface: Operators of the UVIS system are provided with a user-friendly interface that displays the scanned images in real-time. Any suspicious findings are typically flagged for further inspection.

  6. Alerts and Alarms: UVIS systems can be configured to trigger alarms or alerts when potential threats are detected. These alerts can prompt security personnel to take appropriate action, such as conducting a manual inspection of the vehicle.

UVIS systems are commonly used at security checkpoints in places such as airports, military bases, government buildings, border crossings, and critical infrastructure facilities. They play a crucial role in enhancing security by providing a non-intrusive means of inspecting vehicles for hidden dangers, thereby helping to prevent illegal activities and ensure public safety.


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