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Access Control System with Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstiles

In the realm of access control and security solutions, Full Height Turnstiles  stand tall, offering a robust and efficient way to manage pedestrian traffic. Among the various types of turnstiles available, the full-height turnstile stands out as an exemplary solution. In this article, we will delve into the world of full-height turnstiles, discussing what sets them apart and how the PL400 from Polimek Electronics addresses crucial challenges in access control and security.


Understanding Full Height Turnstiles


Defining Full Height Turnstiles


Full-height turnstiles are imposing structures that restrict access to authorized personnel while simultaneously providing a strong deterrent to unauthorized entry. Unlike tripod turnstiles or waist-high turnstiles, full-height turnstiles extend from floor to ceiling, creating an impassable barrier. The PL400 by Polimek Electronics exemplifies this concept, featuring four-section rotors that rotate 90°, each containing a series of robust stainless steel arms.


Solving Key Challenges with Full-Height Turnstiles


    1. Enhanced Security


One of the primary challenges in access control is ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry. Full-height turnstiles provide an unyielding barrier that significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access. The PL400’s stainless steel construction and the narrow gap between upright profiles, in compliance with UK H&S regulations, make it virtually impenetrable.


  2. Durability in Outdoor Environments


Operating in outdoor settings exposes access control systems to harsh weather conditions. The PL400 boasts a top lid that is not only waterproof but also equipped with a damper for added safety and ease of maintenance. Its 304-grade stainless steel construction, optionally hot-dip galvanized for outdoor models, ensures long-term durability.


  1. Tailgating Prevention


Full-height turnstiles should be designed to address the persistent challenge of tailgating, where an unauthorized person slips through behind an authorized user. The PL400‘s robust construction and precise control mechanisms make it extremely difficult for multiple individuals to pass through simultaneously, effectively thwarting tailgating attempts.


  1. Compatibility with Access Control Systems


Full height turnstile
full height turnstile

like ZKteco, Hikvision, and systems that provide dry contact or grounding outputs, offering flexibility in implementation. Additionally, an optional RS232/RS485/TCP IP control module(Link to Agora Card Reader or Control Panel) is available to enhance connectivity.


  1. Space Efficiency


In areas where space is limited, Full Height turnstiles are generally limited but the PL400’s compact design shines. Available in single and double configurations, it accommodates different space constraints without compromising on security or performance. Its sleek profile minimizes its footprint while maximizing its effectiveness.


Comparing the PL400 to Chinese Competitors


While other competitors offer full-height turnstiles, the PL400 by Polimek Electronics distinguishes itself through its exceptional build quality, compliance with international safety standards, and intelligent features. Polimek Electronics prides itself on delivering reliable, high-quality access control solutions to clients in countries such as Libya, Egypt, Qatar, Bulgaria, Jordan, Romania, and across the globe. When it comes to safeguarding your premises and managing pedestrian traffic, the PL400 stands as the superior choice among full-height turnstiles.



In conclusion, full-height turnstiles, are a powerful tool in the arsenal of access control and security. They address critical challenges in security, durability, energy efficiency, compatibility, and space utilization. When comparing the PL400 to Competitors, it becomes evident that Polimek Electronics offers a premium solution that ensures peace of mind and optimal performance in access control systems.

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