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Advantages of Using Web Based Time Attendance Software

Usage Areas of  Web Based Time Management System

With Web based time and attendance software, tracking your employees is much easier now!

Wherever you are in the world, with cloud technology, you can control your personnel with any device connected to the Internet, through any browser, and access online entry-exit information.

  • In Web based time and attendance software, you can log in to the platform and use it securely with any internet browser such as Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, without the need to install any software on your computer.
  • You can access your personnel data 24/7 with the Web TAS software.
  • You can access the Web Personnel attendance control software anytime, from anywhere with your mobile phone, laptop, ipad or computer.
  • All updates made to the personnel attendance software are automatically listed.
  • Web-based systems provide less resource usage on the computer.
  • Web TAS software easily integrates with other human resources and accounting software.
  • Polikod web-based new generation transition and personnel attendance control automation system has been developed on platforms using the latest software developer versions. (Net Core and Angular JS Framework)
  • If the application is requested, your organization or the Cloud, Azure, hosting, etc. from which you receive service. You will have a tracking system that you can access from wherever you are in the world.
  • Unlimited number of users are defined in the Web TAS Software and desired authorizations (restrictions) can be made for these defined users through the software.
  • Web TAS Software holding, group company, enterprise, branch, etc. The organizational chart of your organizations such as unit, position, task, status can be defined completely.
  • All personal information, identity information, contact and family information, visitor information of the personnel can be defined in the personnel identification section of the software.
  • It can be ensured that the embezzlement, documents and clothing information of the personnel are processed and followed.
  • If desired, probationary period tracking and information system can be made for your new personnel starting from the first recruitment. Terminal device, door, authorization group, time intervals definitions can be created through personnel definitions.
  • TAS software with web platform provides you easy support and maintenance.
  • TAS software with web platform provides you easy support and maintenance.
  • Provides rich reporting options.
  • Call us to see our web-based personnel attendance control software demo, in which we, as Polimek, have transferred 27 years of knowledge!

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