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Aegean Exporters Ass.preferred us for Access Control Systems

Association of Aegean Exporters, the first association of exporters was founded in 1939 in Turkey.
The Aegean exporters associations, which have more than 80 years of experience in foreign trade, represent more than 7500 exporting companies operating in 12 different sectors of the Aegean region.
Since 2016, the Aegean exporters association has preferred Polimek Electroniks for access control and time attendance systems.
The goal of access control systems, is to ensure the passage of authorized persons to places where the controlled passage is required for reasons of safety or operation and to control all entrances and exits.

The Aegean Export Association uses a fingerprint recognition device on the face id of these systems and controls the hours of entry and exit of its employees at the end of the month; In order to properly track overtime, calculate their wages without error.

Aegean Exporters’ Associations also choose Polimek Elektronik’s Smartguard 5030A product in the use of x-ray bags and package scanner devices.
The operator, who will use the x-ray scanner placed next to the walk through metal detector at the main entrance, has also been given the necessary information and training.
Customer satisfaction is very important for our company. Satisfying our customers is one of the most important criteria in the success and continuity of our business.
The Aegean Exporters Association is one of the success reference of Polimek Elektronik.

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