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Buying X-ray Luggage Scanner and G Metal Detectors.

X-ray Scanner and walk through metal detectors are used to provide security at work entrances, exits, gates and points where security is important such as private or corporate facility or building entrances or shopping malls.
X-ray devices scans objects such as bags, luggage, parcels, packages, envelopes, etc. to see if there is anything explosive or anything threatening to security; body search detectors can scan the person and their bags, suitcases, parcels etc. The screened material can be divided into organic and inorganic.
It is possible to see the screen image of the controlled product in different colors depends on it property on the monitor connected to the x-ray. Operators, who are accustomed to using X-ray devices, quickly determine what the objects in the operation screen they see if the it contains dangerous content or not.
X-ray devices are mostly used for the detection and control of the contents of the container and the suspicious package that it is safe or not, in transportation industry such as airports, train stations, bus stations.
Body search detectors work with the logic of giving warning by detecting all metals that are on the person and according to its sensitivity settings, from gun to the pin, which are small and big threats.
Body search detectors, which are among the most important elements of passage security, divide the human body into multiple regions and provide the control of these regions.
Purchasing X-ray devices and body search detectors isn’t just about buying equipment. These safety devices can prevent large and serious incidents.
Therefore, when choosing, both price and performance criteria should be considered together.
As Polimek, all quality certificates of our SmartGuard branded X-ray and Top Search detectors are available. (CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 1600 and Tuv)
Our expert team members in the field will be pleased to direct you to the right product and answer any questions you may have after sales.

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