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Card and Fingerprint System on the Doors of CMS Jant

CMS Jant, founded in Izmir in 1980, is the biggest rim manufacturer in Turkey while it is the third one in Europe.


Mainly with the use of smart manufacturing systems in 3 production facilities, brands like BMW, Daimler, Fiat rim production are performed.


Across the factory in approximately 100 different units robotic production is carried out without human intervention.


Industrial robots are programmed for multiple purposes to manipulate in steady and smooth motions.


Nowadays robots are used in risky operations


Since people fall sick or go for a leave, robotic production started to be preferred by several companies


In robotic production areas, access control systems with card and fingerprint reader for security purposes were designed by Polimek.


A web-based access control system was developed for this special purpose.


To control these areas, Polimek developed a system to be implemented in the areas based on restricting access only to the worker, once the worker  leaves the facility, the doors are locked automatically, then once inside while the worker is operating the doors are left open.


Finally, some areas are allowed by more than one person whose level of authority allow the opening and the closing of the doors as well as the power of starting/ stopping the robots.

During working conditions, access is limited by fingerprint pass to those who are entering. Once the operation finishes, access is allowed by detecting the position of the user

Due to the importance of the installation of access control systems for robotic aresas,

CMS Jant, preferred Polimek who is sector leader in security systems with his team.


We provide software and hardware solution for your control and security systems needs.



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