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Deceuninck choose us for Turnstile Access Control Systems

Egepen Deceuninck, which has the widest product range of the PVC profile sector, operates in ?zmir Menemen with world-class production quality on a land of 130 thousand decares and a closed area of 78 thousand 300 square meters.
Egepen Deceuninck, known as “Turkey’s Window” with investments and wide product range, increases the comfort of life with high quality and innovative products.
Egepen Deceuninck’s choice for control and security systems has been Polimek Elektronik, with its 26 years of knowledge and experience in this field.
At the main entrance gates, the fast access system with rfid is mounted on the barriers.
In this way, employees can easily enter to the company without waiting with RFID tags affixed to their vehicles, and it is also possible to easily track who has a vehicle inside with the parking control software.
Tripod turnstiles made of 304 stainless steel were preferred at the entrance to the production departments of the company, where the white collar transitions are made of stylish bronze colored, hidden gate turnstiles suitable for architectural design and proximity card readers embedded inside them.
Again, in the company where access control software with card reader is preferred at production entrances and R&D department entrances, there are panels and card readers with wiegand protocol.
Egepen Deceuninck, working in 3 different shifts, monitors the entry-exit times, shifts and overtime wages of its employees with Professional time attendance software.
They transfer the data received from the Polimek time attendance software to the SAP software.
In the cafeteria; they also cafeteria control systems .

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