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Entrance Management System&Time Attendance System

As Polimek we have in our products range; time attendance control software for different size of companies.
In fact, the most important feature that distinguishes them from each other is that some of them can be customized, adapted to the demands of the companies, and they can make special reports for the companies.
All of our time attendance control software was created with the knowledge of 25 years.
The main factor in the emergence of our cost-effective standard personnel attendance control software is the demand to eliminate the problems of small businesses caused by employee labor loss.
With Polimek time attendance software, the entrance and exit times of the company employees are taken under control and these records are reported daily and monthly according to the request of the user.
In our standard time attendance software, working calendar can be applied to change the working calendar of the weekly variable staff.
The reasons for absenteeism can also be specified by creating the desired feature and type permit definitions.
Entry-exit records taken from the readers are transferred to the computer and payroll and payroll reports are provided.
All personnel attendance control software; can be used with card reader, fingerprint reader and face recognition readers.
While companies want to minimize costs, they choose card readers, but what they ignore is the costs of the cards used with the device.
When the card costs are added, there is almost a price difference between our card reader devices and fingerprint devices.
What should be considered when choosing personnel attendance control system; is a knowledgeable expert who can guide you right; In this way, you can easily choose the system that is suitable for your company and the most cost-effective.

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