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Entry-Exits became secure with X-ray Luggage Scanner

Today, control and security are becoming more important than anything ..
Especially the security of institutions, shopping malls and workplaces have become very important in today’s conditions.
New systems are being added to the systems used to secure these key points.
But the most basic security applications are controlling handbags and luggage with x-ray scanner; to determinate whether people have metal on them with walk through metal detectors, to limit the access of unauthorized persons with turnstiles, fingerprint readers.
After Covid-19, it was added to all of these with the heat meter products, allowing people to determine their temperature and enter them into the public areas.
The range of thermometer thermal products is also quite wide.
Thermal face recognition readers that do not open the turnstiles to people whose temperature is above 37 degrees, detecting the temperature, passing through the metal detector in the form of fire, thermal doors and thermal columns that detect the fire have also taken their place in the market.
If you need any of these threats for the security of your workplace, institution, shopping center, we are here as Polimek to provide the necessary solution.
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